Hello and Welcome

This is the first blog post for Diamonds in the Rough.  What I hope to accomplish here is inspiring dialogue between souls.  The topic matter will be rich with thought and in most cases a call to ponder what it means for you.

We are ALL diamonds.  Each and every one of us.  Beautiful, rare, pure, and perfect.  A true gem.  I will direct that metaphor to our souls.  We were born perfect and full of love.  Our surroundings and life thereafter has made it hard to see or feel that at times.  Recognizing that this piece of us is still there and has always been there will save many and comfort most.  We are all diamonds in the rough.  Dusting ourselves off and shedding the pain, and fear that has hidden our true selves will be our most important thing we do in our lifetime.   This is our Journey.

In addition to thought provoking blogs, I will also post tidbits of a variety of things to help you become your most authentic selves.  Whether it be related to nutrition, energy, life, holistic approaches, or the like.  Bringing ourselves back to the basics and getting in touch with our bodies and our emotions will be the intent.

I’m so excited to begin.  Join me in my journey and hopefully it will help you on yours.