There is no such thing as competition

As we go forth in our lives trying to carve a place for ourselves in the business world, it’s very easy to have the worry of competition.  It’s natural to want to be the best at what you do…which you might naturally think means having everyone else be ‘not the best’.   Unfortunately, the reality is, this way of thinking is actually coming from a place you don’t want to be operating from.  FEAR.

This is such a common way of thinking, that it’s foreign to consider the alternative.  If I’m better than everyone else, I’ll be really successful because everyone will want my business.  You know this is where you are coming from when you go networking and run across someone who is in the same field as you are.  Your heart immediately starts to beat faster and you start unconsciously sizing them up.  “Hmmm, competition”.  Should I really talk to them?  Immediately rather than listen to what is being said, your mind is off and running about how you can be better than this person.  You have to be, right?  In order to succeed?

Fear can be a great motivator.  And it’s there for a reason.  In this situation, it’s there merely as a way for you to acknowledge and pay attention to it.  It’s an opportunity to look within and ask yourself “why am I so threatened right now?”.  The emotions that lay may be laying underneath like a diminished sense of self worth, or a lack of confidence, could be the very reasons your business isn’t at it’s full potential.  When you operate from a place of fear you unknowingly create an unavoidable side effect based on the law of attraction.  The energy you put out there is exactly what you are going to get back.

When you focus on lack and the idea that the Universe only has so much room for successful people in your field, you are actually creating just that. That’s the energy you are putting out there.  ‘There isn’t room for the both of us.’  So that is the energy that you are going to get back…. And therefore you are fulfilling your own prophecy of Lack.  What you focus on, persists.  This can make for a very unpleasant working environment.

On the flip side, if you approach this scenario from a place of love.  A place of abundance.  That is the energy you put out there and then that will be the energy you get back.  The Universe is indeed abundant.

Why can’t there be room for everyone to be their best selves and be the best at what they do.  There are so many people in need of your services, why wouldn’t there be enough to make all of your businesses successful?

When you take the idea that there is competition out of your mind, it ceases to exist.  Build your business knowing that there are people who could use exactly what YOU are offering, because it’s the YOU that makes it unique.  Come from a place of abundance.  The people who are meant to see you for what they need, will.  And the people that are meant to see the other guy, will.

So take competition out of the equation.  There is no competition.  There is only you and what you are offering.  If you don’t believe in the quality and necessity of that, no one else will either.  Trust.

There are other upsides to approaching business this way.  You will start looking at your business peers differently and begin to want them to be genuinely as successful as you.  That eat or be eaten tension will disappear and a sense of trust may start to build.  You will find yourself being able to be genuinely happy for others’ successes.  Because you know their success is not attached to your failure.   Networking becomes so much easier.  There is no fear.  Other similar businesses will sense your ease and take notice, as will potential clients.

The Universe is abundant.  So come from a place of abundance.  In the end, there really is no competition.

May your cup always runneth over,

Lori Palmer